Terms of Service: LTE-A

Terms of Service: LTE-A
1. All hardware will include a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.  Faulty hardware will be swapped out for a Once-Off courier cost of R499 per incident. 

2. All LETS FIBRE LTE-A packages are “best-effort” services and Upload and Download speeds cannot be guaranteed. 

3. An early cancellation of the contract is allowed but a subscriber will be responsible for an early cancellation penalty. 

3.1 Early cancellation penalty fee – A subscriber will be charged 3 x normal monthly subscription and be liable for the full remainder of the hardware cost of the contract term, if the hardware is on 24 Months Contract. 

4. Downgrades and upgrades of LETS FIBRE LTE-A packages are allowed in and out of contract with a month’s notice. 

5. LETS FIBRE LTE-A packages will be available on month-to-month and 24 month contracts only 

6. Bandwidth caps included in monthly subscription will be replenished on the 1st of every month 

6.1 Top-ups can be purchased once on account and thereafter via Credit Card. 
6.2 Customers will be billed for the volume of data sent and received. 

7. Any unused monthly data shall be forfeited at the end of every calendar month;   
7.1 Data may not be carried over to the next calendar month; 

8. Should a Customer sign a contact during a month other than on the 1st, the data and the billing will be done pro-rata accordingly for the remaining days of the particular month and the Customer will be billed along with the first full calendar month billing;

9. Add on bundles will be valid for 30 (thirty) days. As an example, should a Customer purchase an Add on bundle on the 25th of July, the Add on bundle will expire on the 24th of August at 23:59; 
9.1 Any unused Add on bundle shall be forfeited at 23:59 on the expiry date. 

10. Data transfer speeds are not guaranteed and are dependent on network coverage, availability and utilization. 

11. Top-up means a pre-paid voucher for additional data that is purchased once a subscriber has reached their data cap/limit 

12. Upon reaching the data limit/cap for the month, the Subscriber will be required to top up in order to continue normal service. 

12.1   Customer location must be in the service coverage map. 

13. Services which are provisioned outside of the coverage area are provisioned at the customer’s risk. 

14. Failure to adhere to agreed delivery arrangements with the courier company will result in a shipping penalty being charged and cancellation of the contract. 

16. Failure of the delivery company to reach the customer in five attempts to make delivery arrangements will result in cancellation of the contract and a service fee of R1299 be billed to the Customer. 

16.1 In the event that a cherry picker is required to access a site, this will be for customer’s account. 
16.2 In the event that equipment has to be swapped out the Once-Off installation and / or decommission fee applicable to the required bandwidth will apply. 

17. It is the customer's responsibility to fully insure the hardware for theft and damage.  The customer is fully liable for the replacement cost of the router if stolen or Damaged.

18. The hardware remains the property of LETS FIBRE at all Times. The customer is renting the hardware from LETS FIBRE.  Upon the cancellation of the service, after the initial 24 month period has lapsed, the hardware must be returned to LETS FIBRE (This only applies to Routers on contract).

19. The LETS FIBRE LTE-A service is provided as a best effort service.  No service guarantees are made.

20.  Speeds cannot be guaranteed.  Speed is reliant on many factors such as coverage and distance from base station.

21.  Whether you achieve LTE or LTE-A coverage cannot be guaranteed.  LTE-A is reliant on many different factors, including but not limited to: Signal coverage; Router used (eg. Huawei B315 is an LTE router and Huawei B618 is an LTE-A router)

22.  The mobile networks determine the pro-rata amount billed and associated cap loaded. You will not receive your full cap allocation if a pro-rata amount is paid.  The mobile networks do not work the cap out on a strict 1:1 ratio for the 1st month of service.  You will only receive your full cap allocation from the 1st day of your 2nd month.

23.  Uncapped LTE from LETS FIBRE adheres to the following FUP: FUP - Up to 12Mbps until 200GB, then up to 6Mbps until 350GB, then up to 3Mbps for the rest of the month - resets on 1st of each month

24.  The 6 Month contract option offers a FREE month (the month you place the order in) and FREE delivery and can be cancelled before the contract has expired.  However, a penalty of R1299 will be levied if: 1.  The account is cancelled before the 6 Month period has lapsed. 2.  If the account is Unpaid and not settled within 48 hours.
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