Voice Over IP

Uncapped Voice

This voice call solution is one that really works for business, not the other way round. With Uncapped Voice, you can put an end to rapid phone bill escalation: pay per number of concurrent calls required per site (in increments of 5, 10 or 15), while enjoying an unlimited number of calls to all South African destinations and popular international destinations. Keep your geographic-based number (011, 012, etc.), and enjoy 24/7 year-round support – all with the added security of a solid service level agreement with guaranteed response times from our skilled technicians.


Cristal is a complete corporate voice solution which delivers both outbound and inbound voice traffic, at much lower rates than traditional providers. This innovative product provides a real alternative to traditional landlines. It supports geographic and non-geographic based numbers, allowing you to retain your existing business telephone numbers. Porting, installation and maintenance are fully managed by our efficient team, so you can wave goodbye to your outdated provider while we manage the transition. Best of all, your business gets one point of contact and one bill, for quicker turnaround times and better service – and all in addition to great reliable voice calls.

Voice Over GSM
Wholesale Voice